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What You Get:

Children 3 yrs old and younger can attend The Shine Festival for FREE. However, they do not receive any event swag. Kids 4 yrs – 12 yrs old will receive entry into the event, a small Shine Fest flashlight, marker, and silicon wristband. Everyone 13 yrs and older needs to purchase and Adult ticket. You will receive entry into the event, a Shine Festival Lantern, a small Shine Fest flashlight, marker, and silicon wristband.

More Info:

Looking to, become an AMAZING Volunteer, sell your product as a Vendor, get the word out about your Charity, or become an event Sponsor? We would love to learn more. Fill out the applications below.

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We are a for-profit company and we love working with local charities. We are passionate about what we do and hopefully, we are able to show it as we travel around the country. For an opportunity to partner with us, fill out our Charity form.   Apply to be our SHINING Charity!
We have some massive events and you will absolutely love being a vendor. Just fill out the form and give us a description of your product and service. We try to only have a limited amount of each type of food or product.   Apply to become a Vendor!
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